Fix your Golf Swing Set-up – The Most Common Set-up Mistake (that costs you Distance and Accuracy)

Robert Cotter golf clubI see it all the time at the range and on the course.

Golfers of all levels sabotaging their swings and scores before they even move the club back. I am talking about the all critical set-up or address position.

Most golfers can choose a target in the distance and trace an imaginary target line back through the ball. They then step in and align their toes parallel to that line… a good start to alignment.

A better golfer then aligns his or her knees and hips to that target line. Looking down, they feel aligned. Things look good and away they go. And for most high and mid handicappers (and often the best players), away goes the ball… to the rough or woods! The longer the club, the more astray the ball.

What happened Here? Well, it’s a funny thing.  The golf swing is not symmetrical for a lot of reasons, but here is one of the biggest:

One hand sits below the other on the grip.

This fact instantly assures that the golf swing is not symmetrical. And this greatly influences everything about the swing.

Check this out: When a golfer has his or her lead hand (the left for a right hand golfer) on the club and then places the right hand on the grip, something interesting happens.

The trailing or right shoulder moves closer to the ball line and the lead shoulder moves away from the line.

Try it right now right where you are sitting (no club needed). Extend your lead arm and take your grip. Now add your other hand. Feel those shoulders move? It is even more pronounced when you have a club and are at address.

So when the unsuspecting golfer addresses the ball, those shoulders are pointing to the left (for the righty) of the target line. Take a look below at the version that fits your orientation. This poor, anonymous golfer is in a lot of trouble, particularly with the longer clubs:

Golf Alignment Right Handed

Golf Alignment Left Handed

You see, even golfers with the slowest swing speeds can generate club head speeds of 75 mph. When that club head meets the ball… look out! The arms will always have a tendency to follow those body lines, particularly the shoulders. After all they are attached to the shoulders.

Open shoulders will cause the club to cut across the ball, imparting a slice spin. Or if the club face is manipulated, a vicious hook can result. And as mentioned, the adverse side spin is exaggerated with the longer clubs, particularly the driver.

The Cure: I promised you the solution… here it is:

The following images are drawings derived directly from over head photographs of my swing (in this instance, the set-up position). In this frame I am using a long iron.

I had these images created specifically for my book, “The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing” . I commissioned a very skilled (and expensive, yikes) illustrator to create these images as I find the aerial view particularly useful to the golf student. I incorporate a lot of them throughout the book, in both right and left handed versions.

Note the grid lines on the images. I call these my “channels of success”. Study these images long and hard:

golf swing alignment

Now when you take your grip and settle into your address position, make an effort to square up those shoulders to the target line by pulling your trail shoulder back a little to compensate for your lower hand on the club. That way you will be right on track and ready to pull the trigger.

You will also find that your back swing will start straight back nicely (precisely) before it comes up and to the inside (as opposed to moving outside the line first).

The perfect set-up above starts you off in the perfect position to then put the club into a powerful top of the back swing position.

From there, you put The Key to a Repeating Golf Swing in action on the down swing.

That’s the fun part, or as I call it, the Money Part of the swing.

The Key delivers the club face right back into the ball with power and consistency. Many of my students comment that the sound of impact when using The Key is 3 dimensional and echoes down the range or fairway.

In fact, as detailed in an earlier Special Report, after I discovered and put The Key in to use, I literally crushed the face of my $300 Driver (see pictures below):

Crushed Golf Club FaceConcave Golf Club Face

In the left photo you can see a flat spot in center of driver face.  The right image shows a concave club face… the face should be Convex!

The impact footprint on this club head (and similar marks on my irons) are a result of repetitive impacts on the center of the club face. In other words, they are the result of a repeating golf swing.

In the new 7th edition of “The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing”, I show you exactly how to deliver the club head right back through the ball at impact with tremendous power and control.

Golf Swing Book

The Key is also demonstrated and illustrated for both left and right handed golfers in the full text of the ebook (and hardcopy).

Thousands of golfers, from beginners to scratch players, have put The Key to work in their games and the results have been astounding.

In fact, I have received over 500 unsolicited testimonials from transformed golfers of ages 13 to 87.  You can read many of them all around this site.

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Ball Consultation

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Golfer’s like Dene below are hitting the right ball further and breaking personal scoring barriers:


Many thanks for your excellent material, which I am finding very helpful.

So helpful in fact that yesterday I broke 80 for only the 4th time in my 51 years of golf.  I had a 79 and was only 1 over the card after 9 holes.

I really appreciate your material and congratulate you on the “user friendly” way that you present it.


Dene R. (Way down under !)

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