Why Use One Golf Ball Per Round?

I realized the other day this Fall marks the 25th anniversary of the first time I broke 80. I detail this exciting experience in the introduction to my book, “The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing”.

If you are not at that scoring level yet, or would be happy just breaking 100, I can identify with that goal too as I was once a struggling golfer with inconsistency and scores in the 100’s and 90’s. Everyone’s road to real improvement in this game starts somewhere.

If you have reached the sub 80 milestone in your own game, I bet you can remember exactly where it was, and you may still have the ball. Mine was an old Titleist, red numbered 90 compression balata ball.

When I discovered “The Key” (which is swing related), it was the final piece of the puzzle for consistently breaking 80. The light bulb went off in my head, and it changed my game forever. Since that day, over 5000 golfers have put The Key to use in their games.

But there was another strategy
I had been employing that worked hand in hand with my swing key and it assisted me in reaching the next level. Namely, I decided one day that I would:

Start and Finish the round with exactly
the same ball I teed off with on #1.

Now that may sound obvious to you (or maybe it doesn’t), but that 1 strategy and mindset was so powerful, it became a vital part of getting my scores to the level of a “player”, not just a golfer.

Let me explain. When you tee up your ball on #1, you are starting off the hole and round just like any pro on the PGA Tour. And that Pro will do everything he can to finish that same hole with the same ball. He’ll also keep using that ball unless it sustains damage.

In 1992, Nick Faldo even climbed 20 ft high into a scrub oak tree in an attempt to find his ball on the 14th hole at the 1992 US Open at Pebble Beach. Now that’s a player on a mission. He also won 6 majors and is in the World Golf Hall of Fame. In his prime, Nick was one of the most focused players in the history of this game.

If the high handicap, average, or even the skilled player told themselves on the first tee that “This is my ball for the round”, the entire mindset of the golfer changes and adapts to that goal, and the result is invariably lower scores (often dramatically lower).

I have stated before that in golf, “Your Scores are as Low as the Size of Your Mistakes”.

When that one golf ball becomes as valuable as a diamond, your on-course decisions become realistic and laser focused. As a result, a ball that is not lost in the woods or water gets in the hole faster! Soon you are writing down more 3, 4, & 5’s, and less 5, 6, & 8’s!

Now it is very important that your mission or mantra becomes “Play the Same Ball the Whole Round” and not “Don’t Lose this Ball”! The former is a positive goal and visualization, the second sets you up for disaster.

It is amazing what the mind can do to influence the body to help achieve any goal. Train your mind to see the positives and play aggressively to conservative targets.

Just like the golfer whose last thought before hitting a tee shot is “Don’t hit it in the water”, the last impression on the mind is “The Water”, which becomes like a magnet. His ball is swimming seconds later.

The “One Ball” strategy is a mindset… a proven game plan. The best golfers in the world rely on their game plans. It separates the golfers (or hackers) from the “players”.

So try the “One Ball” strategy no matter your handicap, it is an extremely powerful plan of action. It perfectly compliments “The Key”, which unlocks a true, Repeating Golf Swing.

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