Callaway Chrome Soft Low Compression Golf Ball

I recently issued a review on the new and impressive Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball which you may have read here:

Due to the softer compression of this Tour ball relative to its peers, one reader asked whether this characteristic translates into playing the ball in the approaching colder weather.

Some regions in the US are already dipping into the 40’s and the “die hard” golfers are getting ready for Fall/Winter golf (while the big money PGA Tour guys sit out the cold).

Answer: Yes, softer compression balls will compress more easily in cold weather, which can offer more control and even more distance given a golfer’s specific launch conditions.

When temperatures get below 40, golf balls do lose some distance both due to the colder, more dense air, plus a subtle loss of velocity in the core.  This is true across all ball brands and models.

As in baseball, the impact of colder, dense air on the flight of balls hit to the outfield is well documented.  Every home run hitter loves those hot days when standard fly balls end up in the bleachers.

The Callaway Chrome Soft will remain softer than other higher compression models in cold weather, enhancing performance, and taking the sting out of a lot of those cold weather strikes.

There are also additional steps you can take to get the most out of your golf balls and game in cold weather.

The best way to counteract the loss of distance in the cold weather is to factor in another 1/2-1 clubs on your shots. Hit a 6 instead of your standard 7 iron, etc…

You’re swing is also likely to be a bit more restricted due to additional clothing.  This will result in less swing speed so plan accordingly.

And most importantly, have a few balls in your pocket so you can swap out a cold one for a warm one between holes.

Since the balls take a while to reach the air temp anyway you’ll always be playing with a ball with properties that are similar to 70+ weather.

This will help you shoot warm weather scores in cold weather conditions.

Enjoy your October Golf,

Robert Cotter
Instant Golf®

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