About Robert Cotter - Golf Ball Engineer


Robert Cotter GolfRobert Cotter
Professional Golf Ball Engineer
Director of Golf Swing Instruction, Instant Golf®

Robert Cotter is a Patent Award winning golf ball design engineer who has worked for several major players in the industry. His work in golf ball core and cover composition has been recognized by the United States Patent Office.

Golf Ball PatentsA fine player, his interaction with the top players in the game while developing golf balls led to his discovery of The Key to a pro caliber golf swing. He is the author of “The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing” which has taught over 10,000 golfers in 60+ countries.

Robert and his work have been featured in dozens of publications and industry websites including Golf Illustrated Magazine, Today's Golfer Magazine, The New York Times, eHow, Golf Link, AusGolf, and other prominent golf info channels.

For the past 22+ years (including over 11 years online), Robert has helped 1000's of pro level and higher handicap golfers reach their potential with his golf ball and swing expertise.

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